Electronics Research Group

The electronics research group focuses on Digital IC, Analog IC, IC processing, RF IC, Devices Technology, and Embedded System.

The research area covers the electronics system architecture design, System on Chip (SoC), Algorithm optimization for hardware implementation, VLSI Design, Hardware-Software Co-Design, and Device Design and Implementation.

The researches are targeted for various state of the art applications such as Baseband Chip for Advance Wireless Communication, Smart Card, Security Engine, Wireless Sensor Network, and Silicon Nano Wire.

Vision and Mission


  • Creating electronics system solutions for current and future electronics technology.
  • Having international recognition in advance research and high quality human resources.


  • Stimulate and support the development of high-tech electronics industry ecosystem in Indonesia.
  • Contribute to provide trans-national human resources in global electronics industry.
  • Focusing on mass production electronics product research.